Literacy Star of the Week 28-06-2017

Creative Writing Success Stories 

There are many national creative writing competitions open to pupils. For more information and to read winning entries visit Kepier library.

The following pupils’ work will be published:

James Wilkinson, 10TM

Kieron Wakefield, 9JAE 

Jake Dinsdale, 7JNH 

Erin Garland, 7CM 

Keira Towers, 7CM

As part of Kepier Academy's dedication to foster a love of writing in our school, a number of learners were recently entered into a national competition organised by Young Writers.  Learners were challenged to create a fictional world before writing a mini saga, a story in just 100  words, inspired by their world. Our entries ranged from tales of alternative, dystopian realities to a saga that explored ideas surrounding time. Five learners from the school have been selected to have their work published and also received a certificate in recognition of their efforts.

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